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GRP FLAT ROOFING Fibreglass flat roofs are the most reliable flat roof solution as it is all one complete waterproof solid membrane, Unlike felt and Epdm (rubber) fibreglass has no joints which in our extensive experience means no leaks and no maintenance. Fibreglass flat roofing is a fantastic, cost-effective, way to protect your home from the British weather. it is very durable and can even be walked on. GRP is an ideal material to cover extensions and new builds as well as balconies with a non-slip coating.

What is a GRP Roof? ​

A GRP roof is a single-ply GRP laminate applied in situ over a good quality OSB3 deck. The roof is finished with pre-formed GRP edge trims and a coat of pigmented topcoat. GRP has been used as a waterproofing material for over fifty years for applications as diverse as boats, watertanks, lorry and car bodies, roof lights, ponds and pools. When used to construct a boat, GRP will provide waterproofing protection for the boat’s entire life span of twenty plus years without the need for maintenance or replacement. This same level of performance is easily replicated on a domestic roof. 


When GRP is considered for large scale projects in comparison to traditional

bituminous roofing materials, it doesn’t compete on cost but its lifespan will

always be many times greater. GRP is frequently specified by local authorities

for large scale jobs as a cost-effective and permanent solution.


The GRP roofing system is the best solution to any flat roofing problem. unlike most flat roofing products GRP is extremely hard wearing, none corrosive and also as the potential to outlast the structure it's designed to protect.GRP comes with a 20 year manufacturers guarantee but with the potential to last a lot longer.

Benefits Include
Cost effective
Can be used for any application
Tolerant of foot traffic
Maintainance free
Selection of colours and non-slip textures
Fire resistant
Excellent flexural strength
No joints or seams preventing water Penetration

GRP can be used on applications of any size or complexity. Skylights, gutters, pipes, vents, stairs,walls and roof structures can all be weatherproofed or incorporated into the substrate with ease. Pre-formed fascia trims allow GRP to be adapted to nearly any application. GRP can be used as a construction material for roofing furniture such as window casements and roof lights and is well suited to use on patios, walkways, roof gardens and as a lining for tanks, ponds and pools.The durability of the material means that as long as the roof joists are strong enough, a GRP roof can be easily converted into a roof terrace or garden.




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